How to Get Started

1. Decide how you are going to use the Ninth Brain API.

The first thing your company will do is decide how you are going to use the API. What methods are you going to call? What data would you like to exchange? Where is the data going to originate from? Determine unique identifiers. When are you going to place calls? Frequency of call placed?

2. Identify your developers and project management team.

Who from your company is going to write the code? Who is going to manage the project along with the policies and procedures? Who is going to manage errors? Who will be notified when data is inserted or updated and how? Who will field questions about the integration?

3. Sign up for a Ninth Brain API Key account.

An API Key is required to work with the Ninth Brain API. To receive an API Key contact Customer Support ( Due to the nature of the API, we require a signed authorization form before assigning you the API Key. This is required to protect your data and make sure any data is shared with your permission.

4. Write or download the code.

Most developers will directly access our REST API, but we also have a library to make it easier for you if your application is written in .NET. For more information go to the Client Library page.