General Description:

  • Ninth Brain has developed an API/web service that provides a way for you to retrieve Individual, Credential, and Course Completion information from your NBS site to insert into another software application you utilize. The API can also be used to insert Individual and Credential data from another software application into your NBS site.

  • The interface occurs based on code your developers write to call the Ninth Brain API.

  • Ninth Brain makes the data available by giving you an API Key for your organization.

  • The responsibility for what actions occur and how frequently rests with your developers and your management team.

  • The data is connected to a specific Individual Record in Ninth Brain. A unique identifier on the individual record is used to exchange data between applications.

  • Your company will decide what data you would like to use and for what actions, figure out the frequency, and then place the call to the API.

  • Under Resources, you can see what information is available for the Individuals and Certifications.

Actions Available from the Ninth Brain API:

  • Get a list of Individuals from your NBS company

  • Get information about an individual in your NBS company

  • Insert an Individual into your NBS company

  • Retrieve and update an Individual in your NBS company

  • Retrieve a list of Certifications your company tracks in your NBS company

  • Get a list of Certifications attached to a single individual

  • Attach a Certification to an Individual in your NBS company

  • Update an attached Certification on an individual’s record in your NBS company

  • Retrieve list of Individual Course Completions based on date range

  • Retrieve a list of Schedules and Shifts in your NBS company

  • Retrieve a list of Shift Assignments and Assignment Changes in your NBS company

What You Will Need:

  • A developer from your company who will write the code to interface the Ninth Brain API with your company’s software systems.

  • A contact person responsible for the interface.

  • Policies and procedures to manage the interface